Braun’s hair straightener makes you a beautiful woman in 5 minutes

The Braun Satin Hair IONTEC hair straightener continues the fashion design elements of the dazzle hair series. The details are exquisite and the overall style is steady.

Through cooperation with DWI, the German Fiber Research Institute, Braun discovered that the high temperature straight hair with a temperature above 200 degrees C would cause damage to hair. The Satin Hair IONTEC dazzling hair series bearer carries our health care. It uses precise temperature control (maximum 200 C) and excellent IONTEC technology. IONTEC is a unique technology designed to protect the health of hair and ensure healthy shape. The green ion streams release millions of bright ions, which effectively act on Yu Xiufa, which can absorb more water molecules from the air during straight hair. From this, we can get a beautiful hairstyle and show healthy hair.

Not only that, the Satin Hair IONTEC straightener also has a special moisture balance design. Bright hair ions wrap each hairpiece, quickly restoring the moisture of the hair that the hair is usually lost because of the high heat in the shape.

The NanoGlide ceramic plate with flexible collocation is smooth and smooth, which is three times the smoothness of the traditional ceramic plate, and can protect the scalp health.

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