No ordinary power cord can be used for a hair straightener

As consumers use a direct hair device, it is very easy to misuse the power line on the heating board (including metal or ceramic plate), which destroys the insulation of the PVC power line and brings great security risks. Therefore, the direct hair device and similar equipment with the common PVC power line can not use the common PVC power line. The resolution was approved by the VDE in Germany in September 14th and will be implemented immediately without a transitional period. As a result, all certificates issued by GS that have been approved by the PVC and use the power cord of the GS will be revoked immediately.

From the point of view of certification, there are two kinds of Electrical Certification for export to EU: CE and GS. CE is a mandatory certification. Electrical products are required to comply with low voltage LVD instructions and EMC EMC instructions, and the compliance of the two instructions is verified through the relevant security rules and electromagnetic compatibility standards; after the electrical products comply with these two instructions, they can hit the CE logo and freely circulate in the EU market. GS is a German voluntary certification. The electrical appliances are labeled with GS. In addition to the EU’s LVD and EMC directive, they must comply with the relevant German EK1 resolutions.

Although GS certification is not mandatory, it has a high degree of recognition in the European Union, so foreign customers generally require two certifications at the same time. At the same time, enterprises in the testing organization for product certification, due to previous CE and GS certification basis is the same, often also “do one send one”. Since the formal implementation of the resolution, the basis for the two types of certification will no longer be the same. GS certification has raised more stringent power line requirements.

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