Small hair curler has become the necessary hairdressing product

Don’t look down on a small curler. Now many of the shapes can’t be separated from this small hairdressing tool. Today, a few types of hair styling that you need to use in a curler are made up today. Get to know the importance of the curler immediately.

The simple side ligation, with the edge of the hair ornaments, super cute, but this model needs the assistance of a curler, the end is inward curly, the need to use a curler for a fixed shape.

When the hair is tied, the hair is finished with the hair hoop after the hair is made well, but the important thing is the hair of the outer roll. It is necessary to use a curler to fix it.

The same is the shape of the hoop, but the length is short, and the curls look much more. This requires the assistance of multiple curls, and the hairstyle is done with the fluffy and beautiful curls.

How to use snail curler

This is a girl with round face, chestnut hair style and long hair. We need to use these snails to change her image.

First clip the hair with the snail hair curler, then clip it again, so that it becomes a little curly curly hair. Let’s unlock our hair again.

After a circle, your hair is a very foreign curly hair style, which looks much better than the straight hair look.

This long hair’s straight bangs long hair style uses a snails curler to clip the hair so that the hair that ends up will be a beautiful curly hair.

Some very simple snail curlers can also make hair very curly hair, especially hair at the end of hair. After it is rolled up, it has become a very temperamental hairstyle.

How to use the curler

If you want to make a roll of bangs, as long as a curler, curling stick can be easily done, yes, and seaweed stickers and hair dryer.

First comb your hair to the back, leave Liu Shao, then take out the curler and put it in the fringe of the fringe. That is to put the hair curler near the forehead.

Use the curler to roll the bangs inward. If the hair is too thick, do not finish all the bangs at once. You can do it two times.

Then use hot air to blow, after blowing for a few minutes, you can remove the tools, and then comb it, so that the bangs are good.

Big curly hair for Girls

With the trend of fashion, more and more girls are pursuing the elements of fashion trends. Hairstyles are one of their performance. How do you take care of your hair more Fashion?

What kind of hairstyle do girls fit in? This dark brown shawl has long hair and a perm hair, a fashion romantic moment, showing a bright small face, and more youthful vitality.

With long haired mushrooms, do you know how to look good in the long hair? This unbanged shawl hairstyle, with exquisite five senses, is the most romantic and romantic.

Hair is not a lot of girls, you can try this without the fringe of fluffy long hair perm hair, white face, fashion goddess is you.

The method of using the curler

A good hairstyle is often more important than the makeup. Good hairstyle will be added even if it is plain. In daily hair styles, the inner button is often the first choice for most women. Here are some tips for using the curling stick to do some internal buttons.

The curler can not only create beautiful curly hair, but also make a lively inside button. The curler has a plastic curler and a curling rod that needs to be heated by electricity. Compared with the curling rod, the plastic curler can maintain the internal buckle effect for a long time without curling stick. So, let’s give you a detailed introduction of how to make the hairpin stick inside.

Let’s take care of our hair as a whole. After washing our hair, we can keep the hair down for a longer time. After washing our hair, we use towel to dry the hair.

How to curl your hair correctly by curler

Hair tail is the key to divide the six zone after the key is first to start from the bottom layer (right and left), first grabs the hair bundle with the middle finger and the index finger to smooth the hair, then the clamp of the coil is outward, and then from the end of the hair, it is sure to be from the end of the hair, the tail can not be exposed from the coil rod, and the hair tail is not completely rolled in. Words, the shape that comes out will be very unnatural and will be warped.

The clip begins to roll out the clock in the direction of the clock, and stops about 20 seconds when it is rolled to the bottom of the hair. If you want to roll a long or more volume, you can stop for a long time.

Then loosen your hair a little, loosen your handle and take out the curler. You need to be very careful here, otherwise it will destroy the shape. The fourth key points of using curlers are to pursue natural effects. When arranging the hair bundles, you can put down the electric coil bar, and the effect is better. The hair is curled up. When rolled, the left and right sides will sometimes be unbalanced. It’s not symmetrical. It’s too symmetrical and sometimes weird.

If the volume of some areas is not obvious, it is because the hair has been layered, so when the hair of the other area is put down well, the small part does not roll or the volume is not obvious in fact, so it is not necessary to care in the process, and of course, if it is very concerned, it can also be rolled over again.

Small household appliances for beauty are more and more popular

Miss Ji, who is often referred to as “skin care” by friends, has tried various kinds of beauty products, and she likes to use her friends in the circle. She told reporters that she had purchased a steamed face, a facial cleanser, a gold beauty bar, an iontophoresis instrument and so on. She could not put out more than the washing table, and bought a dressing table to put her own beauty appliances. She said: “I usually use the facial cleanser at night when I wash my face. First wash the facial cleanser evenly, then use the cleanser to gently knead the face, each time for 3 seconds, the whole face washes only a few minutes.” Almost every day is a big sun, and skin after a day of wind and sun, the face needs deep cleansing, especially using cleanser is a good choice.

When a sunburn is serious or uncomfortable, she uses a gold beauty stick to massage her face, neck, and even her arms. Recently, Ms. Ji recently added a new portable nano water supplement. “The former steamed face is bigger, only to be used at home. The water supplement is smaller than the spectacle box, where to fill the water.” In her view, the use of cosmetic small household appliances is easy to use, and the price is basically acceptable. The greatest benefit is that when you are busy, you don’t have to run a beauty parlor, and you can make a beauty for yourself at home. It’s much cheaper than a beauty parlor.

However, due to the direct effect of beauty appliances on the skin, product quality and brand reliability are particularly important when purchasing. Then, in the face of many brands and different prices in the market, how can consumers buy value for money beauty appliances? Ms. Ji said that in addition to selecting hard targets such as shape design and technology content, quality and brand reliability should also be considered. First, in the selection, we should first observe whether the product has 3C certification or not, this certification is a mandatory national certification. During the period, we should also see if there is a detailed description of the product. Some small brand products, which are especially cheap, often do not have 3C certification and instructions. Secondly, check whether the appearance of the product is neat, and whether the workmanship is exquisite, such as whether the shell junction is smooth and clear, whether the nameplate printing is clear. In addition, you can consult with other parties about the products’ reputation and evaluation.

Italy Bologna International Beauty Exhibition

“This event in Shanghai emphasizes the international image of the COSMOPROF international beauty show and the Bologna exhibition group,” said Mr. Antonio Bruzzone, general manager of the Bologna Exhibition Group (Antonio Bruzzone). “Thank our Chinese subsidiary, Boluo Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. for its assistance and support for this event. Over the years, the major activities of our group and the Cosmoprof series of international beauty exhibitions have paid special attention to the Chinese market, because the rapid development of China occupies an unparalleled importance in the global market, which is the source of new developments and opportunities.

Through hosting the COSMOPROF China beauty contest, we hope to emphasize China’s role in the beauty industry. More importantly, we hope to commend the innovation capability of Chinese enterprises and products. At the Bologna international beauty exhibition, which ended in March this year, we are pleased to find that more and more Chinese enterprises have deepened their research on the products and invested a lot in the evolution of technology to make the quality of Chinese products significantly improved.

“China’s cosmetics industry is developing rapidly, and new brands are emerging one after another, with remarkable growth. These brands sell not only product value, but also product quality, innovation and multi-channel deployment. Mr. Mcgod (Michael Duck), executive vice president and Asia Pacific beauty show limited, Asia Limited, said. The Asia Pacific beauty show provides a platform for Chinese enterprises to display quality products and R & D capabilities, and opens up an international path for these enterprises.

No ordinary power cord can be used for a hair straightener

As consumers use a direct hair device, it is very easy to misuse the power line on the heating board (including metal or ceramic plate), which destroys the insulation of the PVC power line and brings great security risks. Therefore, the direct hair device and similar equipment with the common PVC power line can not use the common PVC power line. The resolution was approved by the VDE in Germany in September 14th and will be implemented immediately without a transitional period. As a result, all certificates issued by GS that have been approved by the PVC and use the power cord of the GS will be revoked immediately.

From the point of view of certification, there are two kinds of Electrical Certification for export to EU: CE and GS. CE is a mandatory certification. Electrical products are required to comply with low voltage LVD instructions and EMC EMC instructions, and the compliance of the two instructions is verified through the relevant security rules and electromagnetic compatibility standards; after the electrical products comply with these two instructions, they can hit the CE logo and freely circulate in the EU market. GS is a German voluntary certification. The electrical appliances are labeled with GS. In addition to the EU’s LVD and EMC directive, they must comply with the relevant German EK1 resolutions.

Although GS certification is not mandatory, it has a high degree of recognition in the European Union, so foreign customers generally require two certifications at the same time. At the same time, enterprises in the testing organization for product certification, due to previous CE and GS certification basis is the same, often also “do one send one”. Since the formal implementation of the resolution, the basis for the two types of certification will no longer be the same. GS certification has raised more stringent power line requirements.

Braun’s hair straightener makes you a beautiful woman in 5 minutes

The Braun Satin Hair IONTEC hair straightener continues the fashion design elements of the dazzle hair series. The details are exquisite and the overall style is steady.

Through cooperation with DWI, the German Fiber Research Institute, Braun discovered that the high temperature straight hair with a temperature above 200 degrees C would cause damage to hair. The Satin Hair IONTEC dazzling hair series bearer carries our health care. It uses precise temperature control (maximum 200 C) and excellent IONTEC technology. IONTEC is a unique technology designed to protect the health of hair and ensure healthy shape. The green ion streams release millions of bright ions, which effectively act on Yu Xiufa, which can absorb more water molecules from the air during straight hair. From this, we can get a beautiful hairstyle and show healthy hair.

Not only that, the Satin Hair IONTEC straightener also has a special moisture balance design. Bright hair ions wrap each hairpiece, quickly restoring the moisture of the hair that the hair is usually lost because of the high heat in the shape.

The NanoGlide ceramic plate with flexible collocation is smooth and smooth, which is three times the smoothness of the traditional ceramic plate, and can protect the scalp health.