Small household appliances for beauty are more and more popular

Miss Ji, who is often referred to as “skin care” by friends, has tried various kinds of beauty products, and she likes to use her friends in the circle. She told reporters that she had purchased a steamed face, a facial cleanser, a gold beauty bar, an iontophoresis instrument and so on. She could not put out more than the washing table, and bought a dressing table to put her own beauty appliances. She said: “I usually use the facial cleanser at night when I wash my face. First wash the facial cleanser evenly, then use the cleanser to gently knead the face, each time for 3 seconds, the whole face washes only a few minutes.” Almost every day is a big sun, and skin after a day of wind and sun, the face needs deep cleansing, especially using cleanser is a good choice.

When a sunburn is serious or uncomfortable, she uses a gold beauty stick to massage her face, neck, and even her arms. Recently, Ms. Ji recently added a new portable nano water supplement. “The former steamed face is bigger, only to be used at home. The water supplement is smaller than the spectacle box, where to fill the water.” In her view, the use of cosmetic small household appliances is easy to use, and the price is basically acceptable. The greatest benefit is that when you are busy, you don’t have to run a beauty parlor, and you can make a beauty for yourself at home. It’s much cheaper than a beauty parlor.

However, due to the direct effect of beauty appliances on the skin, product quality and brand reliability are particularly important when purchasing. Then, in the face of many brands and different prices in the market, how can consumers buy value for money beauty appliances? Ms. Ji said that in addition to selecting hard targets such as shape design and technology content, quality and brand reliability should also be considered. First, in the selection, we should first observe whether the product has 3C certification or not, this certification is a mandatory national certification. During the period, we should also see if there is a detailed description of the product. Some small brand products, which are especially cheap, often do not have 3C certification and instructions. Secondly, check whether the appearance of the product is neat, and whether the workmanship is exquisite, such as whether the shell junction is smooth and clear, whether the nameplate printing is clear. In addition, you can consult with other parties about the products’ reputation and evaluation.

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