The method of using the curler

A good hairstyle is often more important than the makeup. Good hairstyle will be added even if it is plain. In daily hair styles, the inner button is often the first choice for most women. Here are some tips for using the curling stick to do some internal buttons.

The curler can not only create beautiful curly hair, but also make a lively inside button. The curler has a plastic curler and a curling rod that needs to be heated by electricity. Compared with the curling rod, the plastic curler can maintain the internal buckle effect for a long time without curling stick. So, let’s give you a detailed introduction of how to make the hairpin stick inside.

Let’s take care of our hair as a whole. After washing our hair, we can keep the hair down for a longer time. After washing our hair, we use towel to dry the hair.

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