Italy Bologna International Beauty Exhibition

“This event in Shanghai emphasizes the international image of the COSMOPROF international beauty show and the Bologna exhibition group,” said Mr. Antonio Bruzzone, general manager of the Bologna Exhibition Group (Antonio Bruzzone). “Thank our Chinese subsidiary, Boluo Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. for its assistance and support for this event. Over the years, the major activities of our group and the Cosmoprof series of international beauty exhibitions have paid special attention to the Chinese market, because the rapid development of China occupies an unparalleled importance in the global market, which is the source of new developments and opportunities.

Through hosting the COSMOPROF China beauty contest, we hope to emphasize China’s role in the beauty industry. More importantly, we hope to commend the innovation capability of Chinese enterprises and products. At the Bologna international beauty exhibition, which ended in March this year, we are pleased to find that more and more Chinese enterprises have deepened their research on the products and invested a lot in the evolution of technology to make the quality of Chinese products significantly improved.

“China’s cosmetics industry is developing rapidly, and new brands are emerging one after another, with remarkable growth. These brands sell not only product value, but also product quality, innovation and multi-channel deployment. Mr. Mcgod (Michael Duck), executive vice president and Asia Pacific beauty show limited, Asia Limited, said. The Asia Pacific beauty show provides a platform for Chinese enterprises to display quality products and R & D capabilities, and opens up an international path for these enterprises.