How to curl your hair correctly by curler

Hair tail is the key to divide the six zone after the key is first to start from the bottom layer (right and left), first grabs the hair bundle with the middle finger and the index finger to smooth the hair, then the clamp of the coil is outward, and then from the end of the hair, it is sure to be from the end of the hair, the tail can not be exposed from the coil rod, and the hair tail is not completely rolled in. Words, the shape that comes out will be very unnatural and will be warped.

The clip begins to roll out the clock in the direction of the clock, and stops about 20 seconds when it is rolled to the bottom of the hair. If you want to roll a long or more volume, you can stop for a long time.

Then loosen your hair a little, loosen your handle and take out the curler. You need to be very careful here, otherwise it will destroy the shape. The fourth key points of using curlers are to pursue natural effects. When arranging the hair bundles, you can put down the electric coil bar, and the effect is better. The hair is curled up. When rolled, the left and right sides will sometimes be unbalanced. It’s not symmetrical. It’s too symmetrical and sometimes weird.

If the volume of some areas is not obvious, it is because the hair has been layered, so when the hair of the other area is put down well, the small part does not roll or the volume is not obvious in fact, so it is not necessary to care in the process, and of course, if it is very concerned, it can also be rolled over again.